Spy Tactics Announcement

We are SUPERVOID and we’re happy to show you our new game. It is step-by-step strategy puzzle with unique visual style where each level is done in the style of a board game. Spy Tactics has difficult puzzles, different types of enemies, cracking of locks and hacking computers.

Announcement Trailer

Welcome to secret service.
You are going to try yourself as a special agent and carry out secret missions in different places of the world – elimination of the corrupted officials and criminal bosses, search of the missing works of art, destruction of the hidden computer servers and chemical laboratories and many other things. You’ve been assigned a serious mission. It won’t be easy to complete this task. Forget about pity, keep your cool, calculate each step, and the victory will surely be yours.

Develop the plan of combat operation.
The game has unique panoramic locations. This gives you the ability to evaluate the map of the level from a point that’s convenient for you. You will be able to calculate the action plan accurately and plan combat operation perfectly. Observe, calculate, control. You are a secret agent, and you can’t afford to make a mistake.

Use spy skills.
Solve puzzles – use lock picks, pick different locks, turn off surveillance cameras, crack computer terminals. The enemy doesn’t sleep! Don’t get caught – use tactics to keep yourself hidden, and when there is no choice left – take a shot and don’t miss! The variability of moves is the unique characteristic for games of such genre. What will you choose – hidden tactics of the professional spy or a power method of the real fighter?

You can play demo on Steam: ***link**

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