Spy Tactics

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Spy Tactics is a mix of puzzle and turn-based strategy about fascinating adventures of a spy.

Develop your strategy and move the player on a grid, using tricks and tactics. There are many difficult missions waiting for you ahead: destructing special objects, obtaining the secret data, murdering dangerous enemies, stealing classified information. Calculate every step you make! Enemies are armed, but your espionage skills will allow you to remain unnoticed and get into top secret rooms!

  • many levels with their own secrets
  • several options of passing the levels – tactical/strength
  • beautiful visual style, area and locations
  • picking mechanical locks
  • hacking computer terminals
  • enemies of various strength and with various abilities
  • complicated puzzles that only the real agent can solve!

Spy Tactics will available TBA May on PC, Android and iOS. Now you can download demo on Steam.

  1. Steam(Demo version): http://store.steampowered.com